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Plastic Safety Barricades
At Oxford Plastics we manufacture the highest quality of plastic barricades and plastic barriers. Oxford Plastic’s roots are in health and safety and we specialize in supplying safe, secure, durable and simple-to-use barriers.

If you are looking for quick to deploy barriers and non-conductive fence into make your worksite safer then browse our range of compliant road and pedestrian safety barricades.
Key Barricade Types
Oxford Plastics manufacture several types of safety barricades. For crowd control barriers we would suggest the Avalon Barricade, which is one of our most popular and versatile plastic barricades. The Avalon has a patented interlocking system which is easy to set up but will not be tampered with once deployed.

We produce a heavy-duty barricade, StrongWall, and heavy-duty fence systems, StrongFence. The StrongWall system transforms into the StrongFence by attaching a fence top which is available as a plastic fence top or a metal fence top.

The foldable barricade option is our SafeGate barrier which is supported by a SafeBase. This gates barricade is commonly used in utilities, as a manhole guard barrier. It is plastic, light and very easy to set-up with just 1 person. Unlike metal versions, the plastic SafeGate is not-conductive and so it is completely safe and ideal for use in electrically charged worksites. The SafeBase foot gives the SafeBase extra stability to withstand winds up to 59 mph.
Construction Barricades
Construction barricades should be tough, lightweight and easy to deploy and simple to use. Oxford Plastics design barricades for the worksite alongside contractors to make sure that our products are fit for purpose. All of our barriers are available with or without reflective strips to ensure worksites are visible day or night. The StrongWall, StrongFence, and EnduraFence are suitable for Construction sites and heavy-duty systems.
ADA Barricades
Oxford Plastic barricades comply with ADA guidelines; ensure that you have a safe and stable worksite for your team and the public. We are dedicated to creating anti-trip, pedestrian-friendly products to reduce liability issues. Keep your worksite hazard free with Oxford Plastics.
Alternative to Metal Barricades
Oxford Plastics produce an alternative to metal barricades, as plastic barricades have many benefits and alternative uses.

In many instances, plastic is a superior and more suitable material. Plastic will not rust; don’t waste your money on unsightly metal barricades for your event and worksites.

Non-conductive fencing is necessary for works where there is the risk of electrification or electrocution. The EnduraFence is commonly used on substations and around power-plants, as it is a plastic barricade it does not conduct electricity, yet like metal fencing, itis tall enough to keep your site secure.

Oxford Plastics manufacture lightweight plastic barricades; plastic is far lighter than metal making it easier to maneuver. Plastic barriers are mainly blow-molded from HDPE. For one man or small worksites having a lightweight barrier makes deployment faster, easier and cheaper on labor.

We can color customize plastic barriers, unlike metal barricades, to suit your deployment area. For events use a color which suits the sports team, in high-profile areas match your barricade color to your corporate color for maximum branding.

Our plastic barriers are designed to stack neatly; they are molded with grooves so that they sit tidily on top of a pallet, in your warehouse and the worksite. They will not bend out of shape like a metal barrier, but hold their shape even when driven over. HDPE is a tough and durable material that keeps going over multiple jobs.

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