Bigfoot Ballast Weight

Ballast weight for temporary fencing & alternative to sandbags

Durable & long-lasting

The new Oxford BigFoot Ballast Weight is a temporary fence weight sandbag alternative for fence panels. They are more durable than sandbags.

Easy to handle Ballast Weight

The BigFoot is easy to carry and is stackable. BigFoot comes with a built-in handle, and uniformly stacks on a pallet.

Neat & anti-trip Temporary Fence Weight

There is no risk of BigFoot tearing and leaving debris on the ground, as it is made of tough recycled plastic. This weight has hi-vis inserts and a low profile, making it ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas.

Bigfoot Ballast Weight Customization

BigFoot can be supplied with your corporate logo to optimize your branding.

Research & development

BigFoot was designed for the temporary fence industry making BigFoot more capable to do its job, unlike most jerry-rigged alternatives.

  • Low profile reduces trip hazards
  • High-visibility edges or inserts
  • Fits securely on the majority of tube stands
  • No installer decisions required: the weight will always sit in the correct position
  • Corporate customization with logo and brand colored insert
  • Stacks securely for transport and storage
  • Comfortable carrying handholds: 1 person carries 2 BigFoot
  • No debris remaining after using BigFoot
  • Easy to transport
  • Designed for 18”x36” Temporary Fence stands
  • Designed for OxStand
  • Made from recycled plastic
Product No 0203 0266
Weight of single Bigfoot 30 lbs 29 lbs
dimensions 22" x 23.6" 30" x 14.7"
Number / pallet 72 72
color Black with Hi-Vis yellow inserts Black with Hi-Vis yellow inserts
Name Plate (printable Surface) 5.3" x 1.8" 5.3" x 1.8"

The 2021 Oxford Plastics brochure is available for download


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