Lantis Barrier

Composite pedestrian barrier

The Lantis Barrier is a recycled plastic barrier fence. With the ability to be used in parades, sporting events, ticketing lines and many more uses, it’s a versatile solution and replacement to steel pedestrian barriers. 

Made from recycled plastic

With such a focus on the environment, Oxford Plastics wanted to ensure we are able to produce a product using PCR (Post-consumer resin). PCR is an environmentally-friendly option that many manufacturers are using in support of recycling programs and to reduce their impact on landfills. The Oxford Plastics Lantis Barrier is the only barricade in the world to be made from 85% PCR.

Lightweight & easy to transport

Much lighter than steel barricades, the Lantis Barrier weighs just 32 lbs. The easy-carry handles mean installers can carry up to 4 at a time. Meanwhile, the Lantis feet are designed to swivel, meaning that barriers can stack vertically instead of horizontally. The Lantis Barrier is perfect for large scale-jobs where time management is key, contractors save time by not returning to the yard for multiple loads.

Bespoke branding and colors

Standard steel pedestrian barriers leave few options for customisation. The Lantis Barrier is available in many different colors in short runs. It is easy to apply additional branding and graphics to promote your company or event.

Compatible and durable

In case the Lantis Barrier is needed to be linked with a steel barrier, the compatible connectors allow linking with your existing barrier fleet. The Lantis Barrier survived our rigorous testing including a 30ft drop test, a 44t HGV drive over test and general wear and tear. Due to the composite material, the Lantis Barrier flexes back into place and is much more durable than the traditional steel barrier which bends and cracks resulting in hazardous spiked edges.

Key advantages

  • 85% recycled plastic
  • Client branding
  • Bespoke colors
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to repair
  • Anti-trip feet
  • More durable than steel pedestrian barriers
  • Connectors compatible with existing barrier fleet
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Product No 0745
Height 43"
Length (with connectors) 83"
Length (without connectors) 75.3"
Width 1.5"
Weight 32lbs
Qty/pallet 59
Color Gray as standard, multiple colors available