OxBlock HiVis Fence Stands

Hi-vis heavy base for fences

More durable than concrete

The OxBlock HiVis is the best alternative to a concrete block which can tend to split and crack when handled incorrectly.

Hi-visibility for crowded areas

This hi-vis version of the OxBlock has a yellow end for added safety. This heavy base forms a stable base for metal and plastic temporary fencing. The OxBlock is the best alternative to concrete temporary fence blocks, it is made from a tough thermoplastic compound that is shock and crack resistant.

Anti-Trip/High Leverage End Holes

Our 4 Anti-Trip/High Leverage end holes are strategically placed so three is no trip hazard when setting a fence line in a highly trafficked pedestrian area. Furthermore when there is a greater than normal likelihood of a fence line falling over the OxBlock can be staggered on the inside and outside of a fence line to give it more leverage.

Easy to install

The OxBlock comes with internal handles for easy transport

  • Hi-vis ends for extra security
  • Suitable for posts up to 1-5/8” diameter
  • Other hole sizes available upon request
  • Longer life than the concrete block
  • Made from a tough thermoplastic compound
  • Cutouts for easy handling
  • Logo and color customization available end pieces
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 100% recyclable

The 2021 Oxford Plastics brochure is available for download


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