Ox-Stand Fence Stand

Light-weight temporary fence panel stand

High Strength Risers

More often than not when a pile of temporary fence panel stands come back from a job site the risers are broken or bent. Our stands are welded so your panels will bend before our stand breaks.

Hi-visibility for crowded areas

The low profile stand is suitable for crowd control as it is anti-trip and hi-vis.

Rapid installation

The Ox-Stand is an alternative to a temporary fence panel stand, commonly used with temporary fencing at events and on construction sites. You can stack and carry multiple Ox-Stands at a time, drastically reducing installation time and cost.

  • Anti-trip and hi-vis
  • Compact stacking
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • High strength risers
  • Suitable for down to 1-3/8” fence post
  • Use with BigFoot as a ballast weight
  • Replacement parts are available

The 2021 Oxford Plastics brochure is available for download


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